Episode 1

Carol and Dave are your average American couple in their 40’s doing something very different.

They’re selling everything they own and moving to Thailand.

Episode 1 introduces Carol & Dave and explains a little about why they are making this move.

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5 Responses to Episode 1

  1. jlroyal says:

    WOW….that’s all I can say…Great for you two to be doing this. The only other place I heard this being done is…..House Hunters International!!!! You should really contact them with this video and see if they can do a show and help you find a home……I wish you all the luck and love in Thailand and am jealous that you are reaching out and doing something different. Can’t wait for episode 2 🙂

    • Jai-Yen says:

      Thanks a lot Jane! Were pretty excited about our project. Besides being fun for us and (hopefully) entertaining – it will be a great way for our friends and family to keep up with what were doing. Stay tuned!

  2. Zdena says:

    Hi Kids, I can’t think about more exciting project you could pick, this one fits you like a glove. I know you will be good at this, you already are!!! I am happy for you, what a great way to live, keep exploring, keep going. This may be sofar the biggest adventure ever for the two of you, but I have no fear, you my friends, are smart, intelligent and very resourceful people, you will just keep “climbing every mountain”, “singing in any rain” and “keep(ing) smilling” doing it. You are my inspiration, where the heck is the spelling check…oh well, you understand, I too am from (far) out of town. Let me know if Jean and I can help with anything, we will give it try. Love Zdena

    • Jai-Yen says:

      Yes Zdena and Jean, we are excited about this because it will definitely keep us inspired to go and explore the different things that we can video and blog about. Not only will we be seeing it for the first time but all our viewers will be seeing it with us for our first time too! You are going to have to be our eyes and ears for what’s happening in Vegas too! See you tomorrow for breakfast!

      • Zdena says:

        Oh we will dear, we will, as long as we get to know we’ll past the news onto you. Yesterday I was taking one friend to Imperial palace, and got so suprised how many new things are growing up on Strip, crazy. See ya in about an hour.

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