In The Beginning…………………..

Carol and Dave are your average couple in their 40’s. Dave was born in California, the grandson of singer Peggy Lee.  Like most of his family, Dave works in the entertainment/production industry.  He is a partner in a Las Vegas based Digital Signage firm.  Carol was born in Korat, Thailand the daughter of a US Air Force Tech Sergeant and a Thai woman.  Her Father brought her and her Mother to the USA when she was 4 years old

Both Carol and Dave went through the American school system, though Carol was able to remain fluent in both English and Thai thanks to her mom.  Dave is learning Thai but it’s a tricky language.

This blog will follow their adventures as they prepare to move from their big Las Vegas home, to humble new digs in Thailand.

Each week or so we will post a new video program that will document our experiences as we get ready to move and as we explore all that Thailand has to offer.

We begin our story today, about a year before departure, where we have already begun to liquidate our belongings and investigate Visas and the Thai job market.

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2 Responses to In The Beginning…………………..

  1. Gwen Knighton says:

    You know I will miss you both very much, but I should get interesting things to put in my newsletter for Vegas Viking!

    • Jai-Yen says:

      Thanks Gwen! We will miss our Vegas Viking Family too. This will be a fun way to keep everyone up to date on our adventures. And hopefully some of you guys will come and visit us! 🙂 I wonder if Sons of Norway has a lodge in Thailand, hummm.

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