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Were still a few months from moving but the planning has been going on for about a year.  One of the things we needed to workout was how we would maintain an income while living in Thailand.

Since Carol will enter Thailand as a citizen (now that she is a dual USA/Thai citizen) and is bilingual she can get pretty much  any job she wants.  Dave, on the other hand, by Thai law must prove an income of at least $1,250.00 per month and has limited job opportunities.

Dave’s work in video and photography is truly portable and as long as there is an internet connection he can work from anywhere….Which is why we created Jaiyen Digital Media. This is a site dedicated to Dave’s work.  It showcases the cool photos and videos and gives clients a point of contact.  Hopefully the site will lead to more freelance and assignment work from new clients.  Fortunately there is not a huge amount of freelance competition based in Thailand so we think we have a good shot at getting some reoccurring work from news & travel publishers.

We invite all our followers to take a look at the new Jaiyen Digital Media website and let us know what you think.  We enjoy getting the comments and emails for you all.

And…for the curious, the logo you see to the right is the actual Thai word “Jai” which means heart, mind, spirit.  Yen, mean cool, calm.  Together the meaning would be “calm heart” which has become our family motto. 🙂

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