Our Son got Married!

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Our son, Caleb got married on Wednesday the 20th of April. We held a fairly traditional American style wedding here in Las Vegas.  It was well attended by family and friends all wishing Caleb and Amber many happy years together.  Then, on Friday the 22nd – the Monks at our Wat performed a wedding blessing for the kids.  We will post the video of the blessing soon, but for now, check out all the still photos on our gallery HERE. Lots of incredible Thai food was served at both events, everyone had a great time and the kids are off to a wonderful start on their journey. By the way, they are expecting their first baby in June 🙂

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  1. Julie Tanner says:

    I see you spent a lot of time personalizing your son’s wedding! Are you a wedding planner? If not you should be! 🙂

    • Jai-Yen says:

      Thanks Julie. No we are not wedding planners…more like amateur event planners, lol. My wife, Carol is really good at dreaming up decorative ideas and I and pretty good at executing her ideas – part of why were a good team. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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