Amateur (Ham) Radio

Holders of an American Amateur Radio License are allowed to operate in Thailand under a reciprocal licensing agreement.  But there are some specific rules to be aware of.

Do not bring your own equipment to Thailand!

Unless you have an import permit. This applies to all transceivers, even handhelds. It is illegal to possess such equipment in Thailand without having proper documentation from Thai authorities.

The responsible body for supervising amateur radio licensing and operations in Thailand is the National Telecommunications Commission (formerly the Post and Telegraph Department).

RAST is the national amateur radio society of Thailand, and is entrusted by the National Telecommunications Commission to screen applicants and issue a letter of support for foreign license applications and to formally register an application in accordance with government regulations. See the RAST website HERE.

Visitors to Thailand can operate in one of two ways:

  • Reciprocal, with  your own license and call sign,
  • With a RAST club station HS0AC guest permit.

You should visit the RAST website for detailed information or contact them by mail at:

PO Box 2008

Finn Jensen
(same postal address as above)
Email: oz1het(AT)

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