Thailand’s currency is the Bhat.

(international currency code is THB)

In the Thai alphabet, Bhat looks like this – บาท.

It is easy to exchange money in Thailand.  Our preferred way is to exchange money using an ATM or Credit Card because you will get the “bank rate” and less (or no fees) for the exchange.  Travelers Checks & Cash are very easy to exchange as well but almost always are charged an exchange fee (by percentage).

ATM machines are found everywhere and Cirrus and Plus networks seem widely accepted, but some machines won’t take your card even though they display the network symbol.  Also be aware that some Thai ATMs don’t have letters on the keypad so memorize your numeric pin code.

As backup, you should bring some cash and/or travelers checks with you as well.

Here is a current list of exchange rates showing how many Thai Bhat your would receive in exchange for 1 unit of your home currency.  These rates are updated all through the day so they are very current.

Further down the page is calculator that is tied to these rates, there you can enter your home currency in any amount to see what the Bhat equivalent is.

Here is a calculator.


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