This is important if you are bringing electrical items to Thailand!

The electricity in Thailand is 220 volts, 50HZ.

In the USA, our electricity is 110 volts at 60HZ – Some appliances will run on both 110 and 220 volts. If so, the rating will be written on the appliance like this “100~240V” meaning it will run on anything between 100 and 240 volts. Internal electronics will automatically sense and adjust for the voltage. However, most devices are not manufactured this way.  If you don’t see the labelling clearly, then you can assume it doesn’t autosense and adjust.

There are transformers available to convert the 220 volts to 110 volts.  Make sure the capacity (measured in Watts) of the transformer is enough to supply your device.  Again look at your device’s ratings for the Wattage located next to the the voltage rating. If your favorite hairdryer uses 1000 watts, you need a transformer that can supply AT LEAST 1000 watts. You can find transformers online or at department stores before your trip.  You can also get them in Thailand  We recommend you have more than 1 with you.

Most outlets in Thailand are 2 prong (not grounded) and will accept our plug without an adapter.  We mention this because if you plug your favorite 110 volt hairdryer into a Thai 220 volt outlet, it will work great for a few seconds before burning up and possibly injuring you.  PAY ATTENTION!

Also worth noting – the Power in Thailand is fairly stable but don’t be surprised by the occasional “brown out” or “Black out”.



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