With several modes available to you, getting around in Thailand is pretty simple.  Here are a list of transportation options:

  • Rental car – There are many rental car companies in Thailand and renting is pretty affordable.  Some offer a driver which is great if you want to sight see. You should be aware that Thailand drives on the left side of the road, so Americans might have some difficulty.  Traffic and driving habits of local drivers are also something to be aware of.  You will need an international drivers Permit to rent a car.  You can find Permits online but many turn out to be bogus or not accepted so be careful. In the USA you can get a Permit from AAA (even if your not a member) Check out the AAA website for details HERE.
  • Taxi – In Bangkok and some other big cities you will find metered taxis that will take you pretty much everywhere.  Even cross country.  Make sure you have them either start the meter when you get in or negotiate a rate BEFORE you enter the cab. You can also hire a Taxi for an entire day. Many drivers get paid to bring their riders to different shops or clubs so be ready.  If you like your driver, ask for his number so you can call him for future rides.
  • Tuk tuk – Tuk tuks are a fast and cheap way to get around and there are thousands of them whizzing around all over Thailand.  Negotiate a rate BEFORE you climb in. If you like your driver, ask for his number so you can call him for future rides. You might consider hiring the driver for the entire day.
  • Motorcycle Taxi – If your traveling alone in the city and don’t mind riding on the back of a motorbike, this a very cheap and fast way to get around.  Look for the drivers wearing vests at some corners.  Negotiate you rate BEFORE you get on the bike.   Some local passengers ride “side saddle”, we recommend visitors don’t try this.  Sit normally and on the Hold on tight!
  • Bus – The buss in Thailand are very cheap and thus are very crowded.  If you don’t mind the crowd then this is a good way to get around.  Buses have routes withing the cities and between cities.  To see the Bangkok BMTA website click HERE.
  • Songthaew – These are basically a pickup truck that is covered and has 2 bench seats for passengers.  You don’t see them much in Bangkok but they are very prevalent in other areas.  Many have a set route, and some are private.  Ask the driver where they go and how much to ride.
  • Subway – Bangkok has a great subway system called MRT, and given the traffic on surface streets, is probably your fastest way of getting around.  There are stations all over – click HERE to see the MRT website for the latest routes, stations and fares.
  • Sky train – In Bangkok, the BTS Skytrain gets you above the traffic and is great for sight seeing.  You might find that you need to combine travel on the skytrain with the subway or light rails lines to get where you want to go.  Click HERE to see the BTS Skytrain website for routes and fares.
  • Light rail – If your traveling between cities or cross country, the rail system is a cost effective solution.  Besides the great views, traveling by rail is fun.  There are many routes and options available so take a look at the Thai Railway website HERE.
  • Airlines – Need to get there faster than rail, bus or car?  Try flying.  There are a few domestic airlines you can look at to get you where your going.  The big two are Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways.
  • On the water – Along the water ways of Thailand you can find “Water Taxis” or boats for hire. You need to negotiate a rate BEFORE boarding the boat.  There are also ferries is some areas.

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