There are 9 different categories of non-immigrant visas – We have devoted a separate page to each category”

  • Category “B” – For conducting business, a conference or if you are hired by a Thai company as an employee, or a teacher.
  • Category “ED” – For students studying at an accredited college or university.
  • Category “O” – For visiting a Thai spouse or Thai family members. Also for Volunteers of Non Government Organizations. (not for Fiancee)
  • Category “RS” – For persons doing scientific research in Thailand.
  • Category “R” – For persons doing religious or missionary work in Thailand.
  • Category “M” – For persons working as a film-producer, journalist or reporter in Thailand.
  • Category “F” – For persons entering Thailand for military exercises or government assignments.
  • Category “OA” – For retired persons age 50+ who wish to reside in Thailand.

Non-immigrant visas will not be issued for the purpose of tourism, seeking employment opportunities, looking for a school for teaching or studying purposes, etc.
The Consulate will consider applications on a case-by-case basis and may ask for additional documents.


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